NaBloWriMo – Day 1: Playback playing

Apparently, National Blog Writing Month was in October. I missed it! As did my friend, Rachel. So we decided to have our own blog writing month for November. On Day One, I ploughed forth on this challenge…

I was away for the weekend at a gathering of Playback Theatre folk – experienced practitioners, teachers and novices like me. It’s a lively and diverse bunch, with people from Hungary, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, China and even as far away as Bristol! It’s a very intense, busy, exhilarating time. What with workshops, chatting, food and sleep, there’s not much time to write.

Despite that, on Day One, I wrote this simple little ditty… and that’s as far as I got.

I definitely still want to do a month of blog writing for the experience of the discipline of making myself write each day, but it didn’t happen in November. December’s already one week in and it’s not happened yet, although I have been writing more the past few days. It remains to be seen when I’ll make the time to do a whole month of it. But as a reminder and a commitment (with no pressure) to myself, I’m going to add it to my List for Living.

Playback playing (dedicated to my Playback friends)

Playback gathering 31Oct - 3 Nov'13 (133)

We came, we arrived in style.
We made a noise, we were a bit wild.
We met, we ate,
We knew some people weren’t here yet.

A ceremony to welcome our ancestors.
Nothing quite like it before.
Tenderness and honour abounding,
Small candles at the door.

We confirm our skills
Developing structure and form.
We perform and learn
From those with experience earned.

Making new friends
From around the world,
New feelings emerge
New languages heard, new words learned.

Sleeping fresh and waking early
Out in the early morning dew
Tai chi before breakfast
And still time for a brew.

Playback theatre awakens desire
Wanting more in my life
The chance to dance, to sing,
To perform, to fly.

Hope and excitement
And sadness on leaving.
Knowing we’ll meet again
Leaves my heart happy singing.

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